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Artistic Love

Sean’s younger, but significantly more artistic brother Kevin, showed FCFT some love with a drawing that made its way out west. Looks like “Senoiritis” was productive for once.

Keep them coming Kevin. Sean promised to get the next one tattooed on his lower back.

A little birdie sent a text today saying the BWO’s are coming off on the old ‘Root. Get out and go fishing.



Weekend Warriors

Here is a little photo entry of the weekends turkey scouting turned trout fishing. It’s hard to stayed focus on animals without gills when there is world famous water running near by.

Shooters in Seans eyes

Kind of fitting I guess

As pure as they get

You grow up big and strong.

Shore lunch engineering

Hatch matching made easy

Eye ballin'

body jewlery

There's fish in the them there hills



Flu season

Sorry for the absence but it’s hard to be creative, much less get out of bed with a fever of 102°

Spring break is on the way, and with the PA trout season opening up this weekend the crew is bummed about not being able to make the road trip out east and hook into some of those powerhouse stockies. I guess we will have to settle with a shorter drive out to Craig to fish the Mo. It just won’t be the same…

Hopefully going to be feeling well enough this weekend to get out and catch some fish.


Progress as promised

We just revamped the photo page. Give it a look see and please let us know what you think.

On a different note… Got to watch a burly trout get frisky on some real live mayflies this afternoon. It was too mesmerizing to actually snap out of  and cast to the big guy, maybe I just didn’t want to spook him. Either way he didn’t end up testing the drag.

Things are looking up here in the Big Sky.


Good Guys Win (for now)

The rebels defeat the Empire.

As of yesterday Montana is “safe” from HB 309. The Senate committee tabled the bill with an 8-3 vote.

Check the link for the fine print.


Give yourselves a high five Montana and go fishing…That is until the next session.


You are safe for now Mr. Bitterroot

And now for something completely different.

Uncle Sam was gracious enough to give the crew a little bit of our money back. So naturally we went and shot a box of 100 White Flyers and broke in a shiny new 870.  (Those Bitterroot turkeys better watch out)

Just assume they both broke before they hit the ground

The website is being updated daily, so take your jacket off and stay a while.


By the way… Still looking for that “Secret Slough” the crazy man told us about. Maybe he had his left and right mixed up.

Gloomy Weekend

Looks more like duck season then the first day of “Spring”. Gloomy weekend, but at least the fishing should be decent.

Got out for a little evening fishing yesterday. Tried to do our part on controlling the pike invasion but got distracted by pods of little rainbows rising to midges.

First fish on the fly rod wrapped by my uncle.

Ran into a crazy old fly fisherman on the walk back to the truck who’s vocabulary was made up of mumbling and variations of non-existent curses. However, this gentlemen told us about a “Secret” back slough. He swore on his own grave that it held  “At least 6 pound largemouth”… One of the best parts about fishing in Missoula is the “Crazies“, other fishermen, you meet on the river. Regardless, 6 pound Largemouths cant be ignored and his theory must be put to test.

Hopefully some of those potential state records are hungry and looking for a fight.

Hope they are smellin' what were cookin'

With World War III on deck, Japan struggling with a nuclear disaster, oil at $101 a barrel, and HB 309 threating the great river access that Montana in known for, the only logical thing to do is to go fishing.

Enjoy those rivers while you can still get on them.


It’s Official

As of late last night False Casts and Flat Tires in now a “.com”.  All that means is that rather than just being a major tool for avoiding being productive, it is now also a drain on the bank account.

So…Take some time to check out what we have so far. Bigger and better things to come in the near future. Word on the street is that Sean took time from making burgers at work to come up with some bright ideas. Hopefully by the weekend you will be able to waste some time on the site just like we do.

Anyway, it’s Friday, take the afternoon off work and get outside.

Life is too short to not go fly fishing.


Almost that time


There’s nothing that says fishing season is in full swing like an inch of fresh snow.

I was almost fooled into thinking this was over with

I hope everybody is celebrating and enjoying  St. Patrick’s “Everyone is magically of Irish decent” Day.

The website is actually, somewhat, kind of coming together to form an ugly beast that is now at the point of no return. Thanks so much for checking us out.

Soak up that vitamin D and go catch some fish.


Here is a cool picture of an after the evening midge fishing dash, pick-up driveway basketball dunk contest.

Stan wins

Don’t give up on us yet

We have actually been getting a surprising amount of traffic onto the site so far, and for that we say thank you. However if it seems a little lame and unprofessional, thats because it is. Hopefully by the end of the week we will have most everything up and running. So please, keep checking in on us and maybe soon we will be up to par.

Thanks a lot.


Maybe someday

Here is something to make Tuesday survivable.

Warm days and hatching bugs on the horizon.

Stay optimistic and refill your gink supply.


Things are getting fishy in these parts

The fish are starting to shake the dust of winter.


Big rainbow munchin on scuds.

Still working on getting the whole site up and running.

Its hard impossible to sit in front of a computer when the sun is shining after

3 months of dark winter.

Go fishing.


Previous Post

It’s Friday. Enjoy this.

More to come.

Sometime in the near to distant future.


Rome wasn’t built in a day

Look what the cat dragged in… Give us some time to get our poop in a group.

Its been a long winter and the computer glare burns the pupils.

Skwalas soon someday.