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Artistic Love

Sean’s younger, but significantly more artistic brother Kevin, showed FCFT some love with a drawing that made its way out west. Looks like “Senoiritis” was productive for once.

Keep them coming Kevin. Sean promised to get the next one tattooed on his lower back.

A little birdie sent a text today saying the BWO’s are coming off on the old ‘Root. Get out and go fishing.




Weekend Warriors

Here is a little photo entry of the weekends turkey scouting turned trout fishing. It’s hard to stayed focus on animals without gills when there is world famous water running near by.

Shooters in Seans eyes

Kind of fitting I guess

As pure as they get

You grow up big and strong.

Shore lunch engineering

Hatch matching made easy

Eye ballin'

body jewlery

There's fish in the them there hills



Flu season

Sorry for the absence but it’s hard to be creative, much less get out of bed with a fever of 102°

Spring break is on the way, and with the PA trout season opening up this weekend the crew is bummed about not being able to make the road trip out east and hook into some of those powerhouse stockies. I guess we will have to settle with a shorter drive out to Craig to fish the Mo. It just won’t be the same…

Hopefully going to be feeling well enough this weekend to get out and catch some fish.


Progress as promised

We just revamped the photo page. Give it a look see and please let us know what you think.

On a different note… Got to watch a burly trout get frisky on some real live mayflies this afternoon. It was too mesmerizing to actually snap out of  and cast to the big guy, maybe I just didn’t want to spook him. Either way he didn’t end up testing the drag.

Things are looking up here in the Big Sky.


Good Guys Win (for now)

The rebels defeat the Empire.

As of yesterday Montana is “safe” from HB 309. The Senate committee tabled the bill with an 8-3 vote.

Check the link for the fine print.


Give yourselves a high five Montana and go fishing…That is until the next session.


You are safe for now Mr. Bitterroot