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Mr. Hollywood

The FCFT crew ran downtown for a little after work/class fishing on the Clark.

Here are a handful of photos from the evenings adventures.

I didn’t mean to feature Anthony I promise. It just happened that way…

It’s a good life out here under the big sky.



Easter Trout Hunt

The FCFT crew traded in our wicker baskets and Cadbury eggs for the camera and our fly rods and went down to the Bitterroot for a little Easter Sunday trout magic.

With sunny skies and temps topping out in the 60’s, I’m not sure if  the Vitamin D or the trout had us feeling better.

Midges, Skwalas, and March Browns all came out to play and there were a handful of splashy rises from fish looking up.

It was a great day to be alive and a better day to be fishing. Two years in a row now the FCFT crew has caught some nice fish on easter Sunday.

It was good to soak up the weather while it lasted… This weeks forecast is depressing and not very spring like (40’s and snow).

The Crew is planning on trekking over to the Yellowstone this next weekend as long as the river doesn’t get blown out between now and then. Hopefully going to hook into some big fish.

Enjoy the photos posted below. These are a few of the good ones from Sunday.

Happy Monday. It’s almost May so that means its almost summer… Right?


P.s- Stan finally has a truck. So if you need a ride just ask him. I am sure he will be stoked to drive anyone anywhere.

Love those Cutts



Just A Side Note

I guess this is the Trout Gods punishing Sean for being a dirty dirty “nymph-er”

Just start cutting

Sometimes you cast through the wind… And sometimes the wind ruins you.

How does the saying go “You don’t wear white after labor day” or is it “You don’t throw a double nymph dropper on Easter”


Sorry for the delay

It was a very busy week with work, school, and other business not related to fishing.

Sorry for not posting for a long time. Hold on and give us an hour.

Spreading The Word

False Casts and Flat Tires just hit primetime tonight and exponentially expanded our social media outlets. We now have a Facebook page (Like us), a Twitter account (Follow us) and a YouTube channel (Subscribe to us).

So take some time and check out all the new and exciting things we are working on. They will all be added to daily so drop by often.

Summer time soon,