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The Mo Down

Mark and John over at Headhunters did it again. They hosted the last stop of the Fly Fishing Film Tour and without going into too much detail, they did it right. Free food, great gear, casting competition, and fishing films all over on the Mo. It was a blast.

Those guys know how to get it done and the FCFT crew continues to dig the shop, staff, and blog.  Thanks to Headhunters for a great time. Go fish with the fine folks over at Headhunters, I can promise you will want to go back.

Hopefully the Mo will drop down to “Wade-able” levels sometime soon so we can get back over there and catch some of those big fish.




They are big, they are in the air and they look like birds when they hit the windshield.. Too bad they were coming off a private spring creek…

In Yer Face

Things are getting close to spectacular.


Big Mouths

I doubt that who ever said “Desperate times call for desperate measures” was referring to run off in Montana, but it applies. We got back down to our roots and tied on big poppers and ripped some lips.

A thunder/hail/torrential downpour storm rolled through right when we got there and put on quite the show.

The bass shut down till dark but the lake put on a show that filled the gap very nicely. It had been awhile since we had been fishing so bug spray was not packed and we payed the price is flesh. Turned out it was worth it. Big hungry fish that ate on top.

Have you ever seen a better background to cast at feeding largemouths?

Heat seeking


Big Flies, Big fish, and lots of bugs. Summer is in full swing and soon we will be back on the running water. But for now its okay with us to keep catching these still water meat eaters.



Gone Fishing.

Posts up tonight. The weather is too nice and the bugs are out so posting something up will wait till after dark.

Sorry for the delay.


Yeah, it's a double rainbow.

More FCFT Artwork

I guess the younger brothers are the ones with the real talent.

Here is another awesome FCFT logo created by Sam Scott

Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts, Hats....

Keep up the good work. If there is any interest, a possible refined version could end up becoming a batch of stickers. The kind of stickers you could put on your car, laptop, drift boat, rod case, dog, homework assignments, and even the support towers for the lift at your local ski hill.

Its Friday. Get outside and forget how long that week was. Fishing soon…We hope.