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The Dog Days

To be honest we haven’t been fishing very much. At all. It’s been hot, smokey and archery season is just a week away. So naturally most of the crews free time has been spent shooting arrows and scouting all over here and there rather than fly flick’n.

But I guess I really shouldn’t feel compelled to apologize because this website is about the “Fly fishing lifestyle” and right now that points us towards getting some meat in the freezer (When you spend all of our paychecks at the fly shop the idea of back straps and venison tacos is magical).

However, on that note, hopefully this weekend we can take a break from hiking and get on some water and catch fish. I know of some big backwater trout that need a little attitude adjustment and Sean is very good at putting cocky trout in their place.

We are looking for some clouds to roll in this weekend and maybe those big fish will be a little bit more willing to eat.

Stay cool and play outside.


Here are some photos of our recent “Non-Fishing” exploits.

Tell Us What Your Elf Eyes See Sean.

Not A Bad View



Hey That’s Our Trash!

One man’s dumpster is another bear’s buffet.

And they say these things are supposed to be bear proof. MmHmm…


Why is it that we are always getting ready for the next season?

Summer fishing is finally is full swing. The water is down and clear. Bugs are coming off. And trout are looking upwards for tasty meals. It is literally the greatest time of year for the fly fishing crowd.

But regardless we aren’t focused on the rivers.

It’s only a few short weeks away from the archery season opener and the FCFT crew is shooting a lot of arrows into “The Block” and putting a lot of scouting miles on the boots.

So with our poor effort few fish have come to hand. We will try to do better.


Now What Do I Do With It?

The Big Sky

Hey Buddy,

Just In Case You Didn’t Make It.

This is what sunset on the Bitterroot looked like.

It almost makes you forget that it’s only Monday.


Pure Cutt’s

Some days it all comes together. It’s not very often that a day fishing couldn’t get any better. The location can’t be beat, the weather is perfect, and you catch fish. Not too many to make it seem like you dont have to work for them, but you catch a lot of fish. Those days are few and far between. So when it all comes together like that, its good. Really good.

The crew went and fished a certain fork of a certain river in a certain wilderness area and had a darn good time. We didn’t see any other humans the entire day, and got pretty close to some of the local fauna of the Ursus americanus variety. Oh and we managed to catch some nice fish along the way.

Here are the photos from a day full of 100% pure Westslope Cutt’s, perfect trout water, and a landscape that was unreal.

The view from the corner office

Are we happy yet?

This belongs to that guy

Sorry we woke you up.

Catch the fish you will Master Yoda.


Stan's on the board

Do we need to call the fire department Sean?

Good lookin fisherman... Better lookin fish

It really was just one of those days.

We will be back there, you can count on that. Or maybe not. There is more than a lifetimes worth of water around Western Montana. So much fishing, so little time.

Until then I guess we will just have to keep fishing huh?

Happy Monday. I hope the weekend was just as amazing for you as it was for us.