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It’s Friday…

Went out for a little fishing last night instead of studying for a math test. live in the now right?

It was slow and non-productive but it was a prefect evening. And like they say any evening on the  water is better than solving systems of inequalities.

This was the catch of the night. As well as one of the reasons why I love living in Missoula so much. It really is the Outdoorpersons paradise.

The Family That Paddles Together…

The weekend is soon. Waterfowl opens up this weekend. Time to break out the neoprene waders and the Acrylic calls. We are hoping to get some hunts filmed and thrown together into a little short. We will see how it goes.



Back On Track.

We Finally were able to get it together and get out to do some fly flickin’. And just as I remembered it was pretty dang fun. I knew there was a reason we played this whole game for a reason.

Enough B.S. here are the best photos from about the last week of so.

Streamer season in on its way and its looks to be spunky. The weather is headed in a favorable direction and duck season opens this weekend. Maybe a little cast and blast is in order.

Take the time today to educate yourself about the Pebble mine. Make sure you learn what a bad idea it is and then help us fishermen everywhere in a stand against it.


The Jacko


Root Ball

Observation Deck

Ol Cane Pole

The West is Best

Monday Macro

I don’t know if this counts as Macro or not. I’m gonna count it though.

I think its kinda cool. Not the best, but still cool.

I hope you had as great of a Monday as I did.


Mountain Chickens

Sometimes when being quiet and looking through a pair of binoculars gets a little too slow you gotta get out and take your shotgun for a walk.

Grouse fried, baked and grilled… Its all great.  It really tastes like chicken.

And they call some pretty stellar places home.

Like This One

Beach Season? No Its Grouse Season

Soakin’ In That Big Country

Winner Winner Mountain Chicken Dinner

Go play outside. It’s good for the soul.


Monday Morning Macro. (On Tuesday)

Here is the second “Monday Morning Macro” photo. From now I you can look forward to this being a weekly post on FCFT. And maybe they will even be on Mondays???


We found a bunch of these little buggers while we were out hiking through the mountains. They are good at making fluffy look mean.