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Happy Halloween

This only seemed fitting.

Trick and Treat?



Monday Night Fisheye…

It’s a stretch.

But it’s a picture on Monday.

And some days are fisheye days.

Mizzoola Fall.



This little guy was sipping bugs smaller that I could see. He had no idea there was a camera present and let me watch him until he was full.

I learn more about fish when I am taking their pictures than fishing.

You bet I have a new approach to fishing size 22+…

Dig ’em.

All you can sip buffet.


Fall is in full swing. Hunting season, Streamer season, Big fish season. More on that later.


Weekend Cast and Blast

Rain, Fog and Clouds. Fall weather in the west.

What better time to go fish with a shotgun slung over the shoulder. Can’t beat it.

Not much to say other than it’s too bad the weekends are so short.

Gun season opens this weekend. Midterms this week. Great.


Beatis… Schmeatis

Scud Muncher

Good Day.

The Lifestyle.