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Weekend Photos

Anthony hauled over from N.D. and the troops rallied to get out and get at it. These are the gems that were captured.

Looks like the snow will be in FCFT photos till April. Lots of B&W in the near future.


This is why we do it.

Where”s Waldo?

Fight For Your Right

What a Mess.

Looking forward to a good winter of fish, late season archery, waterfowl and predators. Busy. Don’t forget school, work and skiing as well. When are we supposed to edit video and photos as well as learn this new realm of spey casting? Plus keeping FCFT up and running? Who knew the Trout bum lifestyle was so demanding… We need a secretary to keep us pointed in the right direction.

Happy Monday.



Monday Photos

Still recovering from a turkey and gravy coma.

Its winter here. Not much snow in town but its a mindset I guess.

I hope everyone out in the interwebs had a good Thanksgivin’


Monday Morning Macro

Anthony came into town for the weekend plus a few days. Naturally we rallied and got into the mountains and rivers. Frozen lines and guides were an issue as is par for the course for late November fishing.

It was cold and snowy. But the fishing was still productive. Lots of deer and ducks. Wished I had thrown the shotgun over the shoulder.

More to come ASAP.


P.s.- I was just checking out Focalfish and saw this picture. Looks pretty much the same as the one above… Just a little warmer and “salty-er”.

Monday Morning Macro

Better late than never I guess.

Found this little guy floating around Sunday afternoon.

Winter is here and the snow is falling.


Punchin’ Tags.

Once again, the turkeys full court pressed the ground blind. But this time one of them came home in the back of the truck.  It was all caught on film as well, so we hope to edit it down and throw it up. Pretty cool to have my brother along to film my first bird or animal for that matter with a bow.

First Turkey With A Bow.

Not only was she a bearded lady…She was double Bearded.

We even had time to get the bird back in the blind and hang around for the main attraction. A big buck showed himself right at dark at 100 yards. You can bet I will be back at it tonight.

Maybe the push to fill the freezer has something to do with getting back to fishing? Who knows. Regardless, We have a long weekend and you can bet the FCFT crew will be outside hunting and gathering.

Thanks to all of our Veterans. We get to live in this beautiful country because of your heroic accomplishments.

Thank a Vet today and get outside. You will be a better person because of it.