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Good Company

FCFT recently had friends from Pennsylvania in town for a week of fishing and causing trouble.  With 7 of us jammed into Zach’s and My two bedroom apartment i thought it was going to be a long week but it disappeared all to quickly.

With the hot weather the fishing started off a little slow but we fished hard and were rewarded for our efforts.  We fished Rock Creek, Fish Creek, the Bitterroot, the Clark and everything in between.

My good friend Jackson is new to the sport of fly fishing but it didn’t take him long to hook into his first trout on a fly rod. In fact before long he was making casting look easy and catching fish in every hole.

First Cutty

And another


Did i mention he cooks a mean cheddar dog.

Jack is a veteran with a fly rod but has never had the chance to fish Montana until this trip.  Needless to say he was on fish right away and continued to catch them all week.

West Fork Cutty

Your never really fishing alone

Father & Son

Fun was had by all, we caught plenty of fish and FCFT definitely enjoyed having some good friends in town.  We can only hope they will be back next summer to do it all again.



oh yeah how can we forget Dan hooking up on the biggest fish of the week……too bad it never made it to the net.

Tough luck


Nocturnal Rodents

It’s 1 am. Pitch black. And you can’t see a damn thing.

It’s hard not to turn on your headlight, but if you do its game over. It really is amazing how well you can cast when you cant see. You lay down what feels like the perfect cast and start to twitch the hell out of the tip of you rod.

All you have for reference is the sound of the fly skating across the water. Just when you think the drift is over an explosion at the end of your line. And nothing. He missed… Or maybe you botched it. You strip in the slack and as the fly reaches your feet he’s back. And hes hungry. It’s a mix between a toilet flushing and a cinder block being thrown in the water and it’s scary.

The fight is on. Before it’s even over you want more.

Go ahead and forget sleeping. Just knowing you could be out throwing junk like that makes it even harder to fall asleep at night.

Flies the size of  your hand and 20 lbs test Maxima. Its like a grind-house version of fly fishing. It’s too easy to get addicted too. Dark circles under your eyes, bugs bites everywhere, bruises from falling, and now leeches. You have to pay to play.

Bringing one fish to hand is a good night. But when the one fish looks like that… It’s okay.

The next time we look like we are dragging in the morning you can guess why.