A look inside the "Trout Life" under the Big Sky

Stan “The Beaver Trapper” Spoharski

Nocturnal Rodents

It’s 1 am. Pitch black. And you can’t see a damn thing.

It’s hard not to turn on your headlight, but if you do its game over. It really is amazing how well you can cast when you cant see. You lay down what feels like the perfect cast and start to twitch the hell out of the tip of you rod.

All you have for reference is the sound of the fly skating across the water. Just when you think the drift is over an explosion at the end of your line. And nothing. He missed… Or maybe you botched it. You strip in the slack and as the fly reaches your feet he’s back. And hes hungry. It’s a mix between a toilet flushing and a cinder block being thrown in the water and it’s scary.

The fight is on. Before it’s even over you want more.

Go ahead and forget sleeping. Just knowing you could be out throwing junk like that makes it even harder to fall asleep at night.

Flies the size of  your hand and 20 lbs test Maxima. Its like a grind-house version of fly fishing. It’s too easy to get addicted too. Dark circles under your eyes, bugs bites everywhere, bruises from falling, and now leeches. You have to pay to play.

Bringing one fish to hand is a good night. But when the one fish looks like that… It’s okay.

The next time we look like we are dragging in the morning you can guess why.



Fly Flickin 101

We are now halfway through the semester and spring break can’t come fast enough.  With studying for midterms and writing papers it’s hard to find time to do anything during the week, let alone fish… But somehow the planets aligned and I don’t have class or work on Wednesday afternoons, it also turns out that the worlds best fly fisher(self acclaimed) Burke doesn’t have any obligations on Wednesdays.

So the last few weeks we’ve decided to add a little fish catching into the curriculum.  Burke spends his summers guiding so he has a few secrets up his sleeve and we spend most of the days on his favorite water.  Here’s the result of  one of our more recent trips.

Pushing the 4wt

Beats sitting in class

 Field Work?



Somehow the man tracked me down and I was roped into working today, but Anthony and Burke will be out and about. Back to class!



A Classic Journey

Spring decided to show up this weekend so we had to do something about it. I successfully got my first sunburn of the year on Friday. So we were off to a great start.

Friday we met Joe Cummings from Classic Journey Outfitters to float the Bitterroot. This was our first time on the water with Joe. We had a blast and it turn out to be a great day of fishing. We got out to catch some fish and talk blogs. Joe runs a stellar operation out of his lodges in Huson that anyone coming to Missoula to fish should certainly give a look at. You will be impressed. Joe also has a blog connected to Classic Journey with video fishing reports that are  honest, accurate, and extremely up-to-date. (They are filmed on the river, in the boat, while fishing) What more can you ask for from a fishing report?

Here a few photos from our day on the water with Joe.

   Joe: I told you they would be there.                                                                                                                                                      Stan: Yeah maybe…

It’s gravy baby

One hell of a day job

The man with the answers. (Joe is a big time dry fly guy. So if that’s your gig he’s your man)

Oh. And we actually caught fish too.

Anyway… We had a great day floating with Joe and really enjoyed getting out and catching some trout. Be sure to give him a call if you are planning a trip to Missoula. FCFT can promise you will have a good time. If Joe can get the guy who manages to snag a tree during the only 2 minutes of filming all day to catch fish, he must be doing something right.

Spring is here. I even started a folder for all the new photos called ” Spring Fishing 12″. That must mean something right?

– Zach & Stan


Not Quite FlyDay

With a warm weekend on the horizon we are hoping the skwalers will be coming off… So we hit the vice.

The Skwalanator

Body: Olive fury foam glued to 2mm olive craft foam

Wing: Deerhair

Legs: Olive barred silly legs

Post: Yellow craft foam with purple ice dub for the finisher.

Fish it with a twitch!

Anthony has also been spending his nights tying instead of studying.

One of his most recent:

Just a bunny hair leech but super effective.

Swing it. Strip it. Dead drift it. Just get it in the water.

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend. If you get out on the water maybe we will see you there.