A look inside the "Trout Life" under the Big Sky


Fish Today. Hunt Tomorrow.

It looks like streamer weather out there. Clouds, rain, not too much wind. Perfect. The browns have been mean lately and will to eat some junky looking streamers.

Tomorrow Stan and I are heading East for a weekend deer hunting trip. We are hoping to find some bucks Stan saw earlier this year. They have been in the back of his mind the whole time and have kept him from shooting anything else. I know what that means and I am excited about it.




Good Company

FCFT recently had friends from Pennsylvania in town for a week of fishing and causing trouble.  With 7 of us jammed into Zach’s and My two bedroom apartment i thought it was going to be a long week but it disappeared all to quickly.

With the hot weather the fishing started off a little slow but we fished hard and were rewarded for our efforts.  We fished Rock Creek, Fish Creek, the Bitterroot, the Clark and everything in between.

My good friend Jackson is new to the sport of fly fishing but it didn’t take him long to hook into his first trout on a fly rod. In fact before long he was making casting look easy and catching fish in every hole.

First Cutty

And another


Did i mention he cooks a mean cheddar dog.

Jack is a veteran with a fly rod but has never had the chance to fish Montana until this trip.  Needless to say he was on fish right away and continued to catch them all week.

West Fork Cutty

Your never really fishing alone

Father & Son

Fun was had by all, we caught plenty of fish and FCFT definitely enjoyed having some good friends in town.  We can only hope they will be back next summer to do it all again.



oh yeah how can we forget Dan hooking up on the biggest fish of the week……too bad it never made it to the net.

Tough luck

New Camera

Its finally summer here in Missoula and we have been taking every opportunity to get on the water. We have more pictures and stories coming, but since I recently acquired a brand new Cannon I cant help but put some photos of our recent adventures up.

So here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy

Little fish have to eat too

Mouse Muncher

Extreme net job

and of course the hero shot

Peace out girl scout

More to come soon

Happy Weekend



Birds of a Feather!

With bear season now closed Montana 2012 spring hunting has come to an end.  The FCFT crew put in plenty of time chasing turkeys and bears this spring.  We saw quite a few bears and a couple of them even gave us close calls.  In the end we were never able to close the deal on Montana black bear but we learned a lot and will be back at it next spring.

Turkey season started with a bang.  As the sun came up on opening day Zach and I were within a hundred yards of 5 gobbling birds.  It looked as if things were going are way until the birds hung up and refused to cross a fence…..That was the end of opening day.  As the season progressed the birds we had found scouting seemed to either migrate on to private land or simply disappear so we pretty much gave up on turkeys and turned our attention to bears.  On Saturday May 14th my alarmed sounded off at 4am, i prepared for a day of bear hunting but a text message from my dad changed my mind….


My Dad was after turkeys in my home state of Pennsylvania and with the two hour time difference he had already been hunting for 30 minutes and killed this big eastern.  After seeing this I decided to try and find the birds Zach and hunted opening day.  Sure enough they were in the same spot as before, but this time  flying down a different direction.  Within minutes i had a big gobbler at 32 yards.  A well placed (probably lucky) shot did the rest.



Ending the hunt with a view of the Missoula valley


My First bird with a bow.

So even though we were 3000 miles apart i’d say my old man sent me a little luck… Thanks Dad!

Now back to catching fish!

*Sorry for the phone pictures…we don’t usually roll like that, but no camera was at hand.



A Long Weekend of Fishing

It rained the entire weekend here in Missoula. We didn’t see blue sky until Monday afternoon. However the fishing was great. We found some fish and some bugs. The streamer bite wasn’t too shabby either.

We all caught some nice fish and saw some big orange hummingbird sized bugs flying around. It was exciting to watch those huge bugs crash land on the water.

Big Bug Eater.

Bigger fish eater… Lesson learned. Never throw streamers with 3x. You never know what you might hook into.

The Zen nympher gettin it done.

Bugs are here and more are on their way. The fish are starting to look up and the days are still getting longer. Floating tomorrow. Life is good.