A look inside the "Trout Life" under the Big Sky


A Random Hodgepodge of Words and Photos

This past month has been a whirlwind. We have fished with old and new friends, in new water, and at all times of day and night. But we are back. We are back to our routine. Monday Morning Macro… Friday Fish Faces… And a few gear reviews coming.

We have had 3 pairs of Redington Sonic Pros for the last few months and have been putting them through a pretty intense early season testing. I also received a pair of Double Hauls from Costa before the Salmon flies popped up and will have a write up on them asap as well. None of this “One time on the water and we think they are the greatest thing ever”. We want to be honest about the products people send us. We aren’t here for a garage full of free gear. But rather to see how the product stands up to our “Whirling Dervish” style of fly fishing. But more on that later.

We have recently started fishing with local Fly Fishing Guide, Musician, Photographer, Philosopher, Entomologist, and Blogger Billy Pfeiffer. Billy runs Zoo City Aquarium a great blog about guiding, fishing, and winter snow sports. But we really hang out with Billy because he has a kick ass dog. Kona.

Billy is a great dude who at any moment can blow your mind with some 90 hip hop lyrics or the most complex break down of fly fishing. We are looking forward to fishing with Kona and maybe Billy some more.

It’s the time of year that all fly flickin’ types spend the rest of the year waiting for. It’s short and sweet so you have to get your fill while you can. That’s why we have been spending our time on the water rather than behind a computer screen.

I’m not sure if Billy ties great looking flies or he just convinced this fish to eat

Look at that water

We went to the Scott Fly Rod Factory today. I got some great photos and got a step by step tour of how they build their rods. It was great. More to come soon. Posts for days.

Zach and Stan



Too Busy Fishing for Posting

Last summer we slacked on our fishing big time. This summer we are making up for it. We have been getting out as much as possible and trying to make the most of everyday (and a few nights) we get this summer.

It’s summer time and life is easy

We have explored a lot of new water and made a few new friends along the way. The fly fishing community in Missoula holds a bunch of pretty cool cats and we have been getting to know a bunch of them on the water lately.

Stan has been on fire lately. He has been sticking some big fish. Both this brown and bully within 2 days.

I am hoping to get some work done on the blog tonight. Streamline a few pages and get the photo gallery updated and working again. Thanks to everyone for sticking with us through our second year of FCFT.


New Camera

Its finally summer here in Missoula and we have been taking every opportunity to get on the water. We have more pictures and stories coming, but since I recently acquired a brand new Cannon I cant help but put some photos of our recent adventures up.

So here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy

Little fish have to eat too

Mouse Muncher

Extreme net job

and of course the hero shot

Peace out girl scout

More to come soon

Happy Weekend



Birds of a Feather!

With bear season now closed Montana 2012 spring hunting has come to an end.  The FCFT crew put in plenty of time chasing turkeys and bears this spring.  We saw quite a few bears and a couple of them even gave us close calls.  In the end we were never able to close the deal on Montana black bear but we learned a lot and will be back at it next spring.

Turkey season started with a bang.  As the sun came up on opening day Zach and I were within a hundred yards of 5 gobbling birds.  It looked as if things were going are way until the birds hung up and refused to cross a fence…..That was the end of opening day.  As the season progressed the birds we had found scouting seemed to either migrate on to private land or simply disappear so we pretty much gave up on turkeys and turned our attention to bears.  On Saturday May 14th my alarmed sounded off at 4am, i prepared for a day of bear hunting but a text message from my dad changed my mind….


My Dad was after turkeys in my home state of Pennsylvania and with the two hour time difference he had already been hunting for 30 minutes and killed this big eastern.  After seeing this I decided to try and find the birds Zach and hunted opening day.  Sure enough they were in the same spot as before, but this time  flying down a different direction.  Within minutes i had a big gobbler at 32 yards.  A well placed (probably lucky) shot did the rest.



Ending the hunt with a view of the Missoula valley


My First bird with a bow.

So even though we were 3000 miles apart i’d say my old man sent me a little luck… Thanks Dad!

Now back to catching fish!

*Sorry for the phone pictures…we don’t usually roll like that, but no camera was at hand.



Another One of Those Days

Some days we just can’t get it done. No way. No how.

And some days… We manage to find fish that are so willing to eat they make us feel like rock stars.

Last week we had a day that made us feel like we knew what we were doing.

Close to Missoula, more fish than we could count, and only 2 other boats on the river. It was a good day.

The Browns weren’t the only ones who liked the meaty offerings

I felt like a kid in a candy shop. Getting to watch fish follow the fly all the way to boat is pretty darn cool.

Just showin a little love

The coolest fish of the day. First Pikeminnow.

Respect it. Don’t neglect it.

Burke doing crazy guide shit

It was a pretty great day. With the highlight easily being two streamer caught whitefish.



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