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It’s a new year since we have thrown a post up here. So… Happy New Years. Sorry for the delay but better late than never. Isn’t this the year the world is supposed to end anyway?

Regardless… The ducks have been flying through the big sky state and we have been doing our best to stop them.  The fishing has been a little slow with the lower water temps, so our focus has been shifted for the last of the season.


Sometimes the ducks don’t fly.

We have about 5 days left of waterfowl season. We already have plans for goose field hunting next season across the plains. But until then we have a lot of water, fish and mountains to explore.

Keeping with the cheesy and all too often failed New Years “Resolutions” FCFT plans to make more videos, fish new water and expand our horizons on the interwebs.

Fishing post to come this evening.

Happy Monday



Progress as promised

We just revamped the photo page. Give it a look see and please let us know what you think.

On a different note… Got to watch a burly trout get frisky on some real live mayflies this afternoon. It was too mesmerizing to actually snap out of  and cast to the big guy, maybe I just didn’t want to spook him. Either way he didn’t end up testing the drag.

Things are looking up here in the Big Sky.