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We have a lot to talk about…

I guess that in every blogs lifetime it dies at least once. Maybe 2 or 3 times. We have been absolutely silent over the past 2 months. If anyone missed us I don’t know what to say. Sorry about that.

We have been on the go since the start of the summer fishing season and haven’t been able to make time to post anything on FCFT. Fishing, Hunting, School, and Work have taken over writing time and I really haven’t liked that….


The fishing and hunting has been great. By far our most successful year yet. As for the fishing, I couldn’t have asked for a better summer and fall. We were able to see more water than we have ever seen. Caught more fish over 20 inches than the rest of my fly fishing career combined. And last but not least, met and fished with more amazing people than we could have ever imagined. We can forget the bat shit crazy trico hatch we had this year.

The hunting has pretty much been a dream season so far. We already have a freezer full of game and lots of punched tags hanging over the tying desk. The highlight being two bulls over 300 inches currently at the taxidermists. And its nowhere near over.

So we have absolutely no excuses for not posting in over a month and we are sorry about that. Is is time to get our asses in gear and keep FCFT alive. We will do our best at that.




A Random Hodgepodge of Words and Photos

This past month has been a whirlwind. We have fished with old and new friends, in new water, and at all times of day and night. But we are back. We are back to our routine. Monday Morning Macro… Friday Fish Faces… And a few gear reviews coming.

We have had 3 pairs of Redington Sonic Pros for the last few months and have been putting them through a pretty intense early season testing. I also received a pair of Double Hauls from Costa before the Salmon flies popped up and will have a write up on them asap as well. None of this “One time on the water and we think they are the greatest thing ever”. We want to be honest about the products people send us. We aren’t here for a garage full of free gear. But rather to see how the product stands up to our “Whirling Dervish” style of fly fishing. But more on that later.

We have recently started fishing with local Fly Fishing Guide, Musician, Photographer, Philosopher, Entomologist, and Blogger Billy Pfeiffer. Billy runs Zoo City Aquarium a great blog about guiding, fishing, and winter snow sports. But we really hang out with Billy because he has a kick ass dog. Kona.

Billy is a great dude who at any moment can blow your mind with some 90 hip hop lyrics or the most complex break down of fly fishing. We are looking forward to fishing with Kona and maybe Billy some more.

It’s the time of year that all fly flickin’ types spend the rest of the year waiting for. It’s short and sweet so you have to get your fill while you can. That’s why we have been spending our time on the water rather than behind a computer screen.

I’m not sure if Billy ties great looking flies or he just convinced this fish to eat

Look at that water

We went to the Scott Fly Rod Factory today. I got some great photos and got a step by step tour of how they build their rods. It was great. More to come soon. Posts for days.

Zach and Stan


Spring Fling

While most of Missoula is out of town for spring break Stan and I have been sneaking off to try and find a few fish. The snow steered us towards tying flies and re-watching Eastern Rises today, but yesterday we managed to stick a few nice fish.

Because of the bump the rivers have gotten this week we had to put in some miles to find a few clear backwaters. It was worth it.

Backwater Browner.

Catch you later

Nice fish. Better net.

All Smiles

Thanks for your time.

Two more days then its back to real life. It always seems that spring break goes by too fast. But I guess that just means that summer is getting closer.

-Zach and Stan




Orange Belly

Kype jaw in training.

It’s hard to get good photos of a fish by yourself. Another good reason to always take someone with you.

Stan and I are off to chase fish around today. Anthony is tearing it up over there in NoDak. Big pike and some dry fly action is the report.



Living In A Trout Town

It’s hard not to fish at least a few days a week here in Missoula. All it takes is a little motivation and you can be on a river in between classes, on your lunch break, or after work. I think that may even be a reason why a lot of us are here. But even with all the water within a double haul of town, we can still manage to find ourselves twiddling our thumbs. This normally results in some sort of shenanigans.

The result from last night…. The “Urban” Flats Skiff.

The collapsible push pull platform (child’s seat) shown in the upright and locked position.

We had to fight a bum for the cart. But who wouldn’t? Those picky midge sipping fish don’t have a snowballs chance now.

But to be fair Anthony did push it all the way back to Albert’s. Karma points in the bank.

Oh yeah here are a few more.

See how limited you are without the Urban Flats Skiff? You know you want one.

It like Twizzlers for trout.

See? All that fun with only an hour of light left. That’s a pretty damn good reason to live in a trout town. Plus where there are trout, there are stellar micro brews. Direct correlation. Science.

Enjoy Tuesday. So far I’m tired and already wishing it was Friday.



P.s.- Here is a rare look behind the scenes at FCFT. Most people who see this don’t make it out alive. Well that’s not true. They just think we are all nuts and leave because they are bored.