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We’re Back

To paraphrase the Moose Jockey’s from up North who run LoFiFly… Every now and then your blog and blogging efforts go to shit. Sometimes it’s a little drawn out.

Sorry we’re not sorry. We were busy. Hunting season went from Sept 1st till Jan 15th. That’s a long time and it’s also a lot of work. But we now have an apartment with skulls on the wall and meat in the freezer. So it was worth it.

But we are back. Because we need it…And apparently enough of you want it to bug us about it non-stop… So here it is.

We will have posts about the fall and winter fishing and all of our clusters of hunting outings.

Just give us time. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

This is a fish someone caught.

Montana Brown Trout

That’s right LoFi. We called you out. Only because we love you.

We missed you guys.


Friends and Family

“It’s pretty amazing living somewhere where other people get to come on their vacations”

It’s too easy to forget where I call home. Talking fishing over a Summer Honey with a buddy, I was reminded of that. I am also reminded every time someone comes into town that I get the chance to fish with. Showing someone my favorite reasons of why I live here is like getting a fresh look around. It’s like seeing these mountains, rivers, fish, and animals for the first time again. It’s as much of a vacation for me as it is for them.

That’s just another reason why I love summer in Montana so much. Getting the chance to not only see friends and family but to share this place with them.

Sometimes its too easy to forget that I am fortunate enough to call this beautiful place home. When work is long, money is short, and getting caught up in the little things is far too easy. Thankfully I get the chance to see it all with fresh eyes every time I get the opportunity to share it with someone else. And I am very lucky for that to be the case.

Over the past two weeks Stan and I have had friends and family come into town. Stan’s great friends Dan and Shannon from high school stopped in Missoula on their trip across the country. Daniel had never fly fished and getting the chance to row him down the Missouri while Stan put him on fish after fish was a blast.

Dan’s first fish on a fly rod. I don’t think I caught a fish like that for a few years at least.

It was like he had been doing it for years.

We were blown away by the size of this whitefish. As usual… The photo doesn’t do it justice.

The following week my cousin Austin came up for a few days from North Carolina. We have had the chance to fish all over the country and Canada together, but this was the first time he had come out to visit since I have been living in Montana. Austin said he hadn’t picked up a fly rod in over a year, but he didn’t seem to miss a beat.

Back in the saddle

All the water was high and off color. But the fish seemed to cooperate. which was very considerate of them because we only had two days to get it done.

Like he does it everyday.

We didn’t even get out of town before Austin was sticking some solid fish.

Thanks to Dan, Shannon, and Austin for coming to visit and showing me how lucky I am to live here. Getting the chance to share this place is like I get to see it all for the first time again. So please do me a favor, come visit, and ask to be shown around.



Fly Fishing Is For Suckers.

As planned we met up with Ivan and hoofed it up the Bitterroot to try and catch some fish. Last weekend was slow and we only caught a few fish, so we were hoping things would go more our way this time around.

The plan was to catch a few fish and have a good enough time so Ivan could put his GoPro to work and pump out another blockbuster.

We actually managed to catch some fish, took some photos and Ivan got some video. He is currently throwing it all together and posting a video sometime in the very near future over at YGF. So please check that out cause it will be great. Here it is on Vimeo

There are lots of great native Westslope Cutthroats in the upper Bitterrroot and they made a showing for themselves. We liked that.

These are what ended up on the camera.

Fish On.

Get that shot.

This almost looks professional…

Is it a trout? Probably not.

*I have been fishing the Bitterroot for 3+ years and never caught a Sucker. Ivan managed to wrestle in 4 or 5 suckers over 18 inches in the first hour of fishing. Super powers or a curse?

Westslope colors.

All Cuttie

All Lips.

Trout Candy

Gimmie that Adipose

Boom. Nymphed.


Gettin that GoPro.

Fisheye Fishtail

Phew… That was a long one. Thanks for lookin through all those photos. I hoped you liked a few of them. Remember to check out Ivan’s video over at Yukon Goes Fishing.

“ARCTIC WEATHER” on the way for Missoula. So maybe winter will finally show up around here. But who knows.


Weekend Photos

The good news was that waterfowl season opened up. The bad news is that everyone who has a gun hunts the opening weekend. Sky blasting , duck and goose calls that sounded a 7Th grade band practice, and general unethical behavior. So regardless the Waterfowl pursuit will be postponed until the masses move into the mountains and leave the wetlands and rivers for us.

As any fly focused people would, we traded out the steel shot and the 12 gauges for tiny tricos and 5X.

*On a side note. Its amazing how a Mallard will go a mile out of its way to fly around someone in camo and decoys but wont give up the slow water to someone who wants to cast to sippers in the foam line.

As par for the course, Stan hooked up on a big fish but after a long fight the fish got fed up with tug of war and spit the mangled size 18 and flipped us the middle fin before returning to the depths.

Needless to say, Stan learned from his mistakes and accepted defeat was pissed.

Rain and snow on deck for the week. It looks like the streamer box is going to need to be stocked up and dusted off. Spunky and hungry browns are on the hit list.

Until then I guess work and class get to fill the day. That is until the urge to fish is too strong.

Happy Monday. Go support your local fly shop.



Let ‘er Buck!

“Would you go with the BWO or the Mahogany dun?”

All Smiles… For a little longer.

It was just one of those days that makes you realize why you Fly Fish. Maybe because it takes you to places like this, or maybe the folks you end up hanging out with. Either way, its a damn good way to live your life.

That Daily Grind

Some days are a lot harder to motivate oneself to go to work than others. Today could be ranked as the biggest test of conforming to societies trends and listening to the man.

It might be because its a beautiful 45 degree summer morning, the sun is just over the mountains and the air just smells like an all you can cast dry fly buffet?

It  might be because its only Wednesday and I haven’t been fishing since Monday?

Or maybe its because its summer in Big Sky country, I am a trout guy and fishing is what should be done today?

No its none of those.

Its because the FCFT crew, for the first time, has been blessed by the trout gods with a drift boat.

And that 9-5 Monday through Friday job seemed so nice…

They were loading up and I had to watch from the inside. I felt like the little kid who couldn’t go. But at least I can daydream my way through work about floating through lots of fish. Good Luck to Stan, Sean and Anthony. I am living vicariously through them today.

Here are a few photos to try and keep my mind off work and on the river.

Life is Good.


What's that saying about eyes being bigger than your stomach?

I can't tell who's more excited

The Close Up

Grip and Grin