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TIGF (Today I Go Fishing)

It’s Friday. It’s been a LONG week. I haven’t caught a fish in a week or so. Moral is low and needs to be improved.

I know bills need to be paid and there is a mountain of paperwork that needs to be done at work. But my personal sanity has to come first.

Looks like its going to be a short day on the clock and a longer afternoon on the water.

Hopefully I can find some trout to put the cherry on top.

Let them go to fight another day,


Wet wading, how I miss thee.


It’s Official

As of late last night False Casts and Flat Tires in now a “.com”.  All that means is that rather than just being a major tool for avoiding being productive, it is now also a drain on the bank account.

So…Take some time to check out what we have so far. Bigger and better things to come in the near future. Word on the street is that Sean took time from making burgers at work to come up with some bright ideas. Hopefully by the weekend you will be able to waste some time on the site just like we do.

Anyway, it’s Friday, take the afternoon off work and get outside.

Life is too short to not go fly fishing.


Almost that time