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As Requested

We have gotten a few requests for more sucker pictures. I had no idea they would be such a hit. But regardless I will post what I have left with a few extras.

That’s it for the suckers.

This is an owl that we found while exploring one of the Bitterroot’s springs. It seems that the private property barbed wire isn’t only for us fisherpersons.  Hard to tell if this owl flew into the fence or was put there by something. What do you think?

Bitterroot Sunrise.

It has been dumping snow here in the Missoula Valley. Something like 2 feet in 2 days. Skiing was great today up at Snowbowl. Sometimes you just can’t fish, and when life gives you La Nina, you go ski powder.

If you have yet to check out the video Ivan from Yukon Goes Fishing has made that includes the FCFT crew fishing with him give it a watch. I think its pretty sweet.




It’s a new year since we have thrown a post up here. So… Happy New Years. Sorry for the delay but better late than never. Isn’t this the year the world is supposed to end anyway?

Regardless… The ducks have been flying through the big sky state and we have been doing our best to stop them.  The fishing has been a little slow with the lower water temps, so our focus has been shifted for the last of the season.


Sometimes the ducks don’t fly.

We have about 5 days left of waterfowl season. We already have plans for goose field hunting next season across the plains. But until then we have a lot of water, fish and mountains to explore.

Keeping with the cheesy and all too often failed New Years “Resolutions” FCFT plans to make more videos, fish new water and expand our horizons on the interwebs.

Fishing post to come this evening.

Happy Monday


Winter Break…?

School is on a break but that means all things outside go into overdrive. Ducks and geese, trout, deer and skiing are all in the immediate future. Life is good.

…High Cotton…

Workin that duck magic.

Its warmer today and the famous Missoula inversion makes it like we live in a snow globe.

Its Friday and we are all pleased about that.


Weekend Photos

Anthony hauled over from N.D. and the troops rallied to get out and get at it. These are the gems that were captured.

Looks like the snow will be in FCFT photos till April. Lots of B&W in the near future.


This is why we do it.

Where”s Waldo?

Fight For Your Right

What a Mess.

Looking forward to a good winter of fish, late season archery, waterfowl and predators. Busy. Don’t forget school, work and skiing as well. When are we supposed to edit video and photos as well as learn this new realm of spey casting? Plus keeping FCFT up and running? Who knew the Trout bum lifestyle was so demanding… We need a secretary to keep us pointed in the right direction.

Happy Monday.


Mountain Chickens

Sometimes when being quiet and looking through a pair of binoculars gets a little too slow you gotta get out and take your shotgun for a walk.

Grouse fried, baked and grilled… Its all great.  It really tastes like chicken.

And they call some pretty stellar places home.

Like This One

Beach Season? No Its Grouse Season

Soakin’ In That Big Country

Winner Winner Mountain Chicken Dinner

Go play outside. It’s good for the soul.