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Not Quite FlyDay

A look inside the fly boxes of False Casts and Flat Tires. At least the flies that haven’t found the bottom of the river, yet…

Kelly Galloup came to town last month and this little guy is the result of his influences.

Name: KG Spinoff

Size: #2 – #2 Strait Eye XL shank, White Marabou, White Schlappen, Sparkle Chenille, Deer Body Hair, Red/Yellow Spider Legs, GSP White Thread

If you’re fishing the Bitterroot this month and don’t have a few of these in your box, you are DUMB  really missing out.

Name: Pats Rubberlegs

Size # 8 – #8 Downturned Eye, Lead wrap, Olive Thread, Golden Rubber Legs, Golden Chenille

Good news, tomorrow is Friday!




Weekend Photos

Here are a few photos from the weekends adventures.

We fished with Ivan from Yukon Goes Fishing in hopes of getting enough fish for him to throw together another video. The fishing was slow and it was pretty cold so there was more fish watching than catching going on.

Soon the fishing will be bananas.

You’re hiding on the wrong side of the grass Doc Brown.



In for the kill… With the GoPro.

Who’s wearing the camo neoprene?

This birdy one is for SOL over at Headhunters.

Its already the second-ish week of Feb. Soon the Skwalas will be crawling and the sun will be shining a bit more often. We can’t wait.

Fishy thing here in Missoula this week. Kelly Galloup will be in town tomorrow blowin our minds. And the F3T (aka Missoula’s best beard comp) will be here Friday night. That’s always a good time. Good for shakin out the shack nasties of winter.



“Oven Fresh”

A hot batch of “The Drake” arrived in the mail box today. Always a good day. Good writing and better photography. It’s my favorite fly mag. They know how to do it right.

One of many local shops, The Missoulian Angler, has a 70% off all flies sale going on now. I stopped by and spent some change on what would have been a gas tanks worth of streamers. Gotta get while the gettin’ is good.

New flies and a hot off the press Drake.

I doubt I will be able to not go in at least once more before the sale is over. I have been twice already and bins are emptying out quick. Isn’t a Christmas bonus for flies anyway? I think so.

Today is a Bob Dylan “Blowin’ In The Wind” kind of day. Hopefully the wind blows us towards some redfish in the marsh soon.

Happy second night of Hanukkah.