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We have a lot to talk about…

I guess that in every blogs lifetime it dies at least once. Maybe 2 or 3 times. We have been absolutely silent over the past 2 months. If anyone missed us I don’t know what to say. Sorry about that.

We have been on the go since the start of the summer fishing season and haven’t been able to make time to post anything on FCFT. Fishing, Hunting, School, and Work have taken over writing time and I really haven’t liked that….


The fishing and hunting has been great. By far our most successful year yet. As for the fishing, I couldn’t have asked for a better summer and fall. We were able to see more water than we have ever seen. Caught more fish over 20 inches than the rest of my fly fishing career combined. And last but not least, met and fished with more amazing people than we could have ever imagined. We can forget the bat shit crazy trico hatch we had this year.

The hunting has pretty much been a dream season so far. We already have a freezer full of game and lots of punched tags hanging over the tying desk. The highlight being two bulls over 300 inches currently at the taxidermists. And its nowhere near over.

So we have absolutely no excuses for not posting in over a month and we are sorry about that. Is is time to get our asses in gear and keep FCFT alive. We will do our best at that.




Easter Trout Hunt

The FCFT crew traded in our wicker baskets and Cadbury eggs for the camera and our fly rods and went down to the Bitterroot for a little Easter Sunday trout magic.

With sunny skies and temps topping out in the 60’s, I’m not sure if  the Vitamin D or the trout had us feeling better.

Midges, Skwalas, and March Browns all came out to play and there were a handful of splashy rises from fish looking up.

It was a great day to be alive and a better day to be fishing. Two years in a row now the FCFT crew has caught some nice fish on easter Sunday.

It was good to soak up the weather while it lasted… This weeks forecast is depressing and not very spring like (40’s and snow).

The Crew is planning on trekking over to the Yellowstone this next weekend as long as the river doesn’t get blown out between now and then. Hopefully going to hook into some big fish.

Enjoy the photos posted below. These are a few of the good ones from Sunday.

Happy Monday. It’s almost May so that means its almost summer… Right?


P.s- Stan finally has a truck. So if you need a ride just ask him. I am sure he will be stoked to drive anyone anywhere.

Love those Cutts



Progress as promised

We just revamped the photo page. Give it a look see and please let us know what you think.

On a different note… Got to watch a burly trout get frisky on some real live mayflies this afternoon. It was too mesmerizing to actually snap out of  and cast to the big guy, maybe I just didn’t want to spook him. Either way he didn’t end up testing the drag.

Things are looking up here in the Big Sky.


It’s Official

As of late last night False Casts and Flat Tires in now a “.com”.  All that means is that rather than just being a major tool for avoiding being productive, it is now also a drain on the bank account.

So…Take some time to check out what we have so far. Bigger and better things to come in the near future. Word on the street is that Sean took time from making burgers at work to come up with some bright ideas. Hopefully by the weekend you will be able to waste some time on the site just like we do.

Anyway, it’s Friday, take the afternoon off work and get outside.

Life is too short to not go fly fishing.


Almost that time