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Fishy Friends

Watch out. Here comes the newest segment to the site.

Fishy Friends. Hang around Missoula (Or Montana for that matter) long enough and its easy to meet other fishy people. Whats that saying? Fish of a feather…

We get to meet some pretty solid folks around town so we are going to start giving them the face time they deserve. From big fish to quality products or even some fancy artwork, the fishy crowd of Missoula will start gracing the pages of FCFT.

With out further B.S. here we go.

Our lead off fishy friend originally comes from the Volunteer state.

Jesse Filingo has been cruising around town off and on for a few years now. Jesse won the chance to represent the University of Montana in the collegiate fly fishing competition over in Ireland a year or two ago. The dude can plain fish. He can cast like a boss (See his magazine cover debut) and always seems to be catching big fish. We like Jesse. He brings a lot of energy to the sport and never slows down.

Jesse sent us a photo of a brown he caught this past weekend. We are all excited about this fish.

Just another Filingo Fish

Momma Brown

Thanks for the photos Jesse. Keep up the good work and leave a few for the rest of us.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Fishy Friends.


Speaking of the VOLUNTEER state…

Here is a great volunteer opportunity to help out some local water that we all love. I encourage everyone to give this a shot.

Willow You Help
Rock Creek?

March 24th at 10:00 am meet at Rock Creek lodge or take a shuttle from Missoula.

Volunteer to collect sandbar willow cuttings for future planting in roadside bank reinforcement to:

· Learn about Rock Creek’s riparian environment
· Meet people who share a connection to the resource
Your work will help Trout Unlimited:
· Protect Rock Creek Road from erosion
· Enhance trout, bug, and animal habitat
· Create shade for water temperature and filter sediment

RSVP for more details:
Call Dan at 320-493-1663 OR Email daniel.kaus@umontana.edu

Do It.


Monday Morning Macro

It’s back… The Monday Morning Macro

And it’s as average as ever.

Fish photos to follow.

It’s only Monday?





Lots of fishing here in town. It’s hard not to take notice.

It’s only fitting to find theses gems around the Downtown honey holes.

It adds a poetic irony to stereotypical Fly Fishing.

Is a trout vandal a good vandal?

Fishing under the lights  is almost “Game Day” like.

Doesn’t  replace getting out there, but its fuel for the fire.