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Friends and Family

“It’s pretty amazing living somewhere where other people get to come on their vacations”

It’s too easy to forget where I call home. Talking fishing over a Summer Honey with a buddy, I was reminded of that. I am also reminded every time someone comes into town that I get the chance to fish with. Showing someone my favorite reasons of why I live here is like getting a fresh look around. It’s like seeing these mountains, rivers, fish, and animals for the first time again. It’s as much of a vacation for me as it is for them.

That’s just another reason why I love summer in Montana so much. Getting the chance to not only see friends and family but to share this place with them.

Sometimes its too easy to forget that I am fortunate enough to call this beautiful place home. When work is long, money is short, and getting caught up in the little things is far too easy. Thankfully I get the chance to see it all with fresh eyes every time I get the opportunity to share it with someone else. And I am very lucky for that to be the case.

Over the past two weeks Stan and I have had friends and family come into town. Stan’s great friends Dan and Shannon from high school stopped in Missoula on their trip across the country. Daniel had never fly fished and getting the chance to row him down the Missouri while Stan put him on fish after fish was a blast.

Dan’s first fish on a fly rod. I don’t think I caught a fish like that for a few years at least.

It was like he had been doing it for years.

We were blown away by the size of this whitefish. As usual… The photo doesn’t do it justice.

The following week my cousin Austin came up for a few days from North Carolina. We have had the chance to fish all over the country and Canada together, but this was the first time he had come out to visit since I have been living in Montana. Austin said he hadn’t picked up a fly rod in over a year, but he didn’t seem to miss a beat.

Back in the saddle

All the water was high and off color. But the fish seemed to cooperate. which was very considerate of them because we only had two days to get it done.

Like he does it everyday.

We didn’t even get out of town before Austin was sticking some solid fish.

Thanks to Dan, Shannon, and Austin for coming to visit and showing me how lucky I am to live here. Getting the chance to share this place is like I get to see it all for the first time again. So please do me a favor, come visit, and ask to be shown around.




High Cotton

This weekend was a weekend full of sun, water, and fish. High’s in the 80’s made for perfect weather to float the Mo. The sun was a little strong and with no clouds the fish were a bit hesitant to eat up top like we wanted but there were heads up and we managed to stick a few of them. Really what more can you ask for.

At this point we are looking at months of great fishing ahead. It’s a great time to be in Montana. But when isn’t a good time to be in the Big Sky?

Here are a few shots from the weekend. The whitefish were awfully frisky and seemed to be particularly big and hungry.

Maybe the biggest whitefish I have ever seen

Getting Humbled…

The Caddis are starting to show up and the trout know it.

Friend of FCFT Caleb is the newest guy on the crew at Headhunters. Burger Duty.

Lots of fishing, floating, and sun to come. Good times ahead.



Friday Fish Face

It’s Friday. So that means its only a few short hours until we start the first weekend of the summer. By the sounds of it Missoula is going to be well represented on the Mo this weekend.

Until we can actually see some fish face in person I guess this will have to do.

Happy Friday.




Long Time No See…

It’s been too long since we have posted anything on FCFT. But we are now done with finals and a couple months of fishing is rapidly becoming reality.

Anthony is heading back to No-Dak in the morning for the summer with thoughts of big pike and small mouth keeping him company on the drive. We will be expecting many warm water posts to come from him while he is home.

The rivers rose and fell, and look like they are going to rise again. Run-off is temperamental so far with fair to good/great fishing coming on the falls. There have been lots of bugs around and we even had some skwala eaters on the Clark this evening. Pretty good way to bring in summertime.

Please Sir… Can I have another?

The Mo is the plan for the weekend with Ivan of YGF gracing us with his presence. I am sure Headhunters will play a role as well. Not to mention the dollar beers at Joes…

Hopefully now that school is finished for some time we can quit with the lame excuses and start posting up some quality material. Photos, videos, and other shenanigans.

Rising fish and big bugs on the horizon. Come up this way and fish if you can make it happen. I know the dudes from Chasing the Dream are planning a big MT trip this summer. And Jake from ChiWulff keeps saying he will make it over the divide at some point. We would be more than happy to spend a day or three on the water with anyone.

Hopefully after this weekend we will have some photos to post up, and I am willing to bet Ivan will have a video in the works.

Summer time in Montana. Damn that sounds good.




Trailer Recovery

Last weekend I had some serious issues with the raft trailer. So the boat hung out behind Headhunters for the week and the trailer got some much needed repair.

So this weekend I had to return to Craig to get both my rejuvenated trailer and the raft. Logically we had to go ahead a fish. When in Rome… You fish for trout.

It was Sunny, almost 70 degrees, and mostly perfect. We caught fish all day and floated a world famous trout river.

I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Hooked up right off the boat launch

And so it begins…

Feathers and Fur

The Thinking Man

I guess the views aren’t half bad either.

And neither was the fishing

Sam had the trout dialed in. I have a feeling he will be coming along to fish the Mo all summer.

Great way to start off spring break. Half day at work today then some afternoon trout hunting.

Don’t forget to let them go to fight another day.