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It’s a new year since we have thrown a post up here. So… Happy New Years. Sorry for the delay but better late than never. Isn’t this the year the world is supposed to end anyway?

Regardless… The ducks have been flying through the big sky state and we have been doing our best to stop them.  The fishing has been a little slow with the lower water temps, so our focus has been shifted for the last of the season.


Sometimes the ducks don’t fly.

We have about 5 days left of waterfowl season. We already have plans for goose field hunting next season across the plains. But until then we have a lot of water, fish and mountains to explore.

Keeping with the cheesy and all too often failed New Years “Resolutions” FCFT plans to make more videos, fish new water and expand our horizons on the interwebs.

Fishing post to come this evening.

Happy Monday



Winter Break…?

School is on a break but that means all things outside go into overdrive. Ducks and geese, trout, deer and skiing are all in the immediate future. Life is good.

…High Cotton…

Workin that duck magic.

Its warmer today and the famous Missoula inversion makes it like we live in a snow globe.

Its Friday and we are all pleased about that.


Weekend Cast and Blast

Rain, Fog and Clouds. Fall weather in the west.

What better time to go fish with a shotgun slung over the shoulder. Can’t beat it.

Not much to say other than it’s too bad the weekends are so short.

Gun season opens this weekend. Midterms this week. Great.


Beatis… Schmeatis

Scud Muncher

Good Day.

The Lifestyle.



Weekend Photos

The good news was that waterfowl season opened up. The bad news is that everyone who has a gun hunts the opening weekend. Sky blasting , duck and goose calls that sounded a 7Th grade band practice, and general unethical behavior. So regardless the Waterfowl pursuit will be postponed until the masses move into the mountains and leave the wetlands and rivers for us.

As any fly focused people would, we traded out the steel shot and the 12 gauges for tiny tricos and 5X.

*On a side note. Its amazing how a Mallard will go a mile out of its way to fly around someone in camo and decoys but wont give up the slow water to someone who wants to cast to sippers in the foam line.

As par for the course, Stan hooked up on a big fish but after a long fight the fish got fed up with tug of war and spit the mangled size 18 and flipped us the middle fin before returning to the depths.

Needless to say, Stan learned from his mistakes and accepted defeat was pissed.

Rain and snow on deck for the week. It looks like the streamer box is going to need to be stocked up and dusted off. Spunky and hungry browns are on the hit list.

Until then I guess work and class get to fill the day. That is until the urge to fish is too strong.

Happy Monday. Go support your local fly shop.



Let ‘er Buck!

“Would you go with the BWO or the Mahogany dun?”

All Smiles… For a little longer.

It was just one of those days that makes you realize why you Fly Fish. Maybe because it takes you to places like this, or maybe the folks you end up hanging out with. Either way, its a damn good way to live your life.