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Long Time No See…

It’s been too long since we have posted anything on FCFT. But we are now done with finals and a couple months of fishing is rapidly becoming reality.

Anthony is heading back to No-Dak in the morning for the summer with thoughts of big pike and small mouth keeping him company on the drive. We will be expecting many warm water posts to come from him while he is home.

The rivers rose and fell, and look like they are going to rise again. Run-off is temperamental so far with fair to good/great fishing coming on the falls. There have been lots of bugs around and we even had some skwala eaters on the Clark this evening. Pretty good way to bring in summertime.

Please Sir… Can I have another?

The Mo is the plan for the weekend with Ivan of YGF gracing us with his presence. I am sure Headhunters will play a role as well. Not to mention the dollar beers at Joes…

Hopefully now that school is finished for some time we can quit with the lame excuses and start posting up some quality material. Photos, videos, and other shenanigans.

Rising fish and big bugs on the horizon. Come up this way and fish if you can make it happen. I know the dudes from Chasing the Dream are planning a big MT trip this summer. And Jake from ChiWulff keeps saying he will make it over the divide at some point. We would be more than happy to spend a day or three on the water with anyone.

Hopefully after this weekend we will have some photos to post up, and I am willing to bet Ivan will have a video in the works.

Summer time in Montana. Damn that sounds good.





Monday Morning Macro

The rivers look like the milk at the bottom of a bowl coco puffs. So we are doing what we can fishing wise. And we seem to have gotten bears on the brain also.

Regardless, the Monday Morning Macro must be obtained.

I forgot how sharp their fins are…

Happy Monday. One more week till finals here at U of M and then a summer full of fish can begin. Early run off has me hoping for some real live Salmon Fly fishing. I haven’t seen that in all it’s glory yet.

See you at the ponds until then.




It was hot this weekend in Missoula. Hot enough to blow out the water. So we made like Lewis and Clark and explored.

While we didn’t find the easy passage to the Northwest, we did find some fish. And some other critters.

Of course we find the bears when we aren’t hunting them.

A wide range of fish made themselves present. In one weekend we managed to find Bull Trout, Cutties, Largemouth Bass, Perch, Pike, and Whitefish. It was pretty exciting. It was one of those weekends when you go exploring on a hunch and find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Bull fighter


Just making mountains out of mole hills

Getting after it.

We put Anthony’s “new to him” boat to the test this weekend and it passed with flying colors.

The gold at the end of the rainbow

Anthony and I both caught our first perch on a fly rod. We were pretty excited.

I know there are bigger ones in there, but more research is required.

 When the rivers give you lemons… You go find your own lemonade. It feels like summer here. I even got a great jump start on my Chaco tan. A sign of good things to come.



Monday Morning Macro

Bucket mouth style.

Its late April and it appears that run-off is here… Here to stay? Who knows.

I just hope it doesn’t put us on the bench for 3 months.

More to come later.




The Last Hurrah

The entire FCFT crew hadn’t fished together in too long. So when Anthony got back from his spring break trip home we all managed to make time for a last day of spring break fishing trip.

Over the past 2 years Easter has turned out to hold some pretty fantastic fishing for FCFT and this year was no exception. I caught my largest trout in MT to date and we all caught fish that made us act like little kids in a candy store.

We hiked 7 or 8 miles up and down river, starved, and even managed to break a rod in the process. But we had a great day in a beautiful river with lots of nice fish. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to wrap up an amazing spring break of fishing.

A great fish to wrap up my best week of fishing yet.

“You don’t see him? 20 feet down between the rocks under the whitewater in that sunny spot. I can’t believe you don’t see him”

Like I said… Kids in a candy store

Marsh mellow peeps or trout?


They are all worth 1000 words. So I won’t say anything.

Maybe our best day yet. It will certainly be hard to beat it.



P.s.- Stan’s best catch of the day…

…Easter Dinner