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The Saga Continues

It seems that we stepped into a bigger pile than expected when we reported the newest Mitchell Slough drama. Its now at a point that we feel obliged to continue updating everyone even if we are pissing a few of you off.

As of the end of last week nothing had changed in the actual stream bed, however things are still being uncovered in the paperwork side of the debate.

FWP, DNRC and host of other “In Charge” organizations are perpetually too busy or out of the office to answer our phone calls or see us when we pay them a visit. Because of this we haven’t been able to get our questions answered. Whenever we get a hold of anyone we will be sure to let you all know.

Here are a few more photos to help everyone visualize what is really happening.

These are the concrete barriers they plan to place as a reinforcement for the gravel bar. They will run along the divot in the gravel berm.

DEWATERED? Headgate Closed?

Doesn’t Look Like It… Can’t go above the water line. I hope you can squeeze between those fences.

That Head gate looks more annually open than closed. Isn’t there a season for pulling water out of the river for irrigation?

One more good look at it.

We know this isn’t the only issue going on in the Bitterroot. Or Montana for that matter.

We know this isn’t only the work of a single individual but also the organizations that allow this to happen.

We got a lot of people fired up about this. That’s exactly what we wanted to do. The more people that are aware of whats going on in their backyard the better.

We did get something we didn’t expect though. Someone defended the landowners who benefit from this project. I wanted to post the comment up here for everyone to read but thought better of it. We have our response written out but would love to hear what you all think first.

If anyone has any information for us we would love to know as much about this as we can. If something doesn’t change whats to stop the entire river from becoming a rip rapped irrigation ditch project? I know that a far out claim, but the river cant defend itself.

Release the hounds.



P.s. I want to say a huge thanks to Headhunters, Chi wulff, Will fish for work and many other blogs that gave us a shoutout for our last post. It really helps get people informed.

Read it here if you haven’t already.