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Being a college student puts the “Bum” in “Trout Bum”

Empty gas tanks, Ramen noodles, and sleeping in the back of the truck seem to be old hat these days. Higher education, however important, is a real pain in the ass and my non-existent bank account can attest to that fact.

For some reason I always manage to find myself trying on fly rods for size in the local fly shops. Fly rods that have a price tag equal to half a years rent, even in a college town. Why? Because it’s what you do. That’s why. Fly fisherman have a notorious need for the next best thing. The nicer rod, the better boat, and oh yeah…More flies.

That’s why last week, when I was guided by the Great Trout in the Sky to check craigslist before bed I found a rod and reel that was just my size, and being a fly fisherman I couldn’t say no.

These little coincidences do not happen often, but when they do, the broke college trout bum is able to get a fly rod and reel that is still a few zeros on the end of the paycheck away.

Now all I have to do is fill up with gas, buy some new flies, grab a gas station breakfast, and get on the river before I realize that I really should have fixed my exhaust on the truck instead…


A little love, A lot affordable.