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Spring Time

It’s a beautiful spring day here in the garden city. Too bad I am stuck working all day.

Turkey season is opening up this weekend. Hopefully going to roost some birds tonight. Seems ambitious but who knows.

I think this is a cool picture, maybe you will too.

Road Warriors

Road Warriors

It’s only Tuesday, but at least the sun is shining. For now.

Get outside and smell spring.



Gloomy Weekend

Looks more like duck season then the first day of “Spring”. Gloomy weekend, but at least the fishing should be decent.

Got out for a little evening fishing yesterday. Tried to do our part on controlling the pike invasion but got distracted by pods of little rainbows rising to midges.

First fish on the fly rod wrapped by my uncle.

Ran into a crazy old fly fisherman on the walk back to the truck who’s vocabulary was made up of mumbling and variations of non-existent curses. However, this gentlemen told us about a “Secret” back slough. He swore on his own grave that it held  “At least 6 pound largemouth”… One of the best parts about fishing in Missoula is the “Crazies“, other fishermen, you meet on the river. Regardless, 6 pound Largemouths cant be ignored and his theory must be put to test.

Hopefully some of those potential state records are hungry and looking for a fight.

Hope they are smellin' what were cookin'

With World War III on deck, Japan struggling with a nuclear disaster, oil at $101 a barrel, and HB 309 threating the great river access that Montana in known for, the only logical thing to do is to go fishing.

Enjoy those rivers while you can still get on them.


Maybe someday

Here is something to make Tuesday survivable.

Warm days and hatching bugs on the horizon.

Stay optimistic and refill your gink supply.


Things are getting fishy in these parts

The fish are starting to shake the dust of winter.


Big rainbow munchin on scuds.

Still working on getting the whole site up and running.

Its hard impossible to sit in front of a computer when the sun is shining after

3 months of dark winter.

Go fishing.