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The Busy Midterm Week Excuse For A Post

It’s almost spring break, which means it’s time for midterms. I have been busy studying, reading scientific articles and writing papers. Not a whole bunch of spare time this week for fishing. But thats about to change.

I have however been able to fish the Hollywood hole two evenings in a row. Lots of pre-spawners stacking up there. Mandy even got a measured and verified 18 inch bow last night. Her biggest yet. I think I was more excited than she was. However I didn’t have the camera because Anthony dumped his in the drink last week and borrowed mine for a trip down the Bitterroot. But he got some great fish shots so all is forgiven.

Because I don’t have much to show you today why don’t you check out some other stuff that is FCFT approved.

As always, check out your Mo river expert Headhunters with up to the second Missouri River info, Hatch reports, shuttles, and free coffee. I owe Mark a huge thank you for last weekend. I had a little trailer issue that was discovered at the dam when putting the raft in. I was freaking out and Mark told me to relax, have fun, and catch some fish and it would all be taken care of. With their help we had a great day and all issues were fixed. These guys can handle anything you throw at them. (I did my best to throw them a curve ball and they took it in stride) I couldn’t have picked a better place to have a bearing go out. Thank you Mark, John and all the Headhunters crew for all the help. You guys rule.

Check out A Classic Journey’s Blog and Video fishing reports for the best info in the Missoula and Bitterroot valleys. Joe and crew run a great show. They have been catching some damn nice fish on top. So please give them a look. I like all of their stuff if that says anything…

Check out Missoula based fly blog Zoo City Aquarium. These fellas are powder and fish hounds. They have some quality stuff and I enjoy checking out everything they post up.

The dudes at Bent Rod Media do some pretty amazing stuff with photos and video. If we are ever in their neck of the woods I am sure we will have to meet up. I really liked the newest carp video. It looked nice to fish in flip flops.

The Boughton brothers of Montana Wild just released a teaser for their newest fly fishing video. They have the best hunting videos I have ever seen. (someone get these guys a contract) Check out their coyote video if you haven’t seen it. They are now venturing into fly videos and from the teaser the camera work looks to be great.

Cody and Alex, two dudes we met on the Mo also have fly blogs OakFish and Fly Fishing Life respectively. Young guns bringing up some good stuff.

The newest Drake Mag is out and I have been thumbing through it when I have had a little bit of time. Great photos and writing. By far the best mag in fly fishing. Its easy to read these thing cover to cover 100 times.

One more test then its Spring Break. Anthony is off to NoDak. He sees big pike in the very near future. Stan and I are hanging around these parts and fishing as much as we can. The skwalas are coming off, the weather is looking warmer, and life is good. Plus that raft isn’t going to take itself down the river.

Peace Out Suckas

Give all of these folks a look. Its all good stuff. That’s why I put it up here.




“Oven Fresh”

A hot batch of “The Drake” arrived in the mail box today. Always a good day. Good writing and better photography. It’s my favorite fly mag. They know how to do it right.

One of many local shops, The Missoulian Angler, has a 70% off all flies sale going on now. I stopped by and spent some change on what would have been a gas tanks worth of streamers. Gotta get while the gettin’ is good.

New flies and a hot off the press Drake.

I doubt I will be able to not go in at least once more before the sale is over. I have been twice already and bins are emptying out quick. Isn’t a Christmas bonus for flies anyway? I think so.

Today is a Bob Dylan “Blowin’ In The Wind” kind of day. Hopefully the wind blows us towards some redfish in the marsh soon.

Happy second night of Hanukkah.